Porteños love of kitch in San Telmo

In San Telmo, a barrio of Buenos Aires, there are many shops that sell kitch.  I think this city has great nik nak taste.  I hope to buy some obscure objects as gifts.

Last night we had drinks and dinner with a friend from Toronto who has moved here and started a family.  He was patient and answered all the questions we had accumulated over our travels.  Questions about simple things and complicated things.  “Just what is up the police?”, “How do people stay up till 4 am and get to work by 7 am?”, etc.  Once again,  much wine and beef were consumed.  Finally back to the hotel by 1 am, early by B.A. standards.

Today we went to the old cemetary in Palarmo and managed to find the grave of Evita… I guess we will have to see that Madonna movie now.  A lot of walking in parks and trendy shops.  Again, very hot in the city.  37 celcius.

We plan a simple night here in San Telmo and then off to the airport tomorrow for noon.  One more 14 hour flight  north to what I understand to be deep winter in Toronto, Canada.  We arrive at 6 am Toronto time.  It should be good and cold, no?

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  1. Kevin & Jody
    February 12, 2010 at 5:52 pm — Reply

    Sounds amazing there. Cant’t wait to hear your stories and see your pics. I can’t think of a greater contrast between what we’re both doing right now- you two hiking and seeing mummies and us painting our kitchen. The only similarity: beef.

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