The Art of Listening Masterclass

“every choice illuminates the next”

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These classes are for any engineer/producer who wants to broaden their palate of skills and develop better instincts mixing music.

For those mixers who are located in the greater Toronto area I am offering a program I call The Art of Listening Masterclass.  In teaching the essence of mixing the student can translate these skills to any platform.  These classes are not DAW dependent.  They do not require any specific plugin or software choice.

Four sessions, each 3 hours long are taught privately, one on one.  Concepts addressed include but not limited to:
-Overview of all tools and techniques available to a mixer. Both to individual sounds in the mix as well as overall pre-mastering techniques.
-Understanding the audio frequency spectrum and how frequencies interact in a mix to create problems… or pleasure.
-Listening to your mix to decide which tool or technique is best to address each problem.
-Using different techniques to handle frequency masking and/or frequency buildups in a mix.
-How to create independent “dynamic layers” in your mix to evoke different emotional responses in your listeners.
-Insert effects and Send/Return effects. Understanding those choices and how each evokes a different response in your listener.

$250 per session at my mix suite. Total $1000.00
$300 per session at your mix suite. Total $1200.00

If you are interested please contact me to discuss scheduling.
Knowledge is powerful… yup.

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