BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE (Power in the Blood) Producer/ Mixer, True North 2015

MEASHA BRUEGGERGOSMAN (Christmas) Producer, Warner 2015

AMELIA CURRAN (They Promised You Mercy) Producer/Engineer/Mixer, Six Shooter 2015

STEPH CAMERON (Sad Eyed Lonesome Lady) Mixer, Pheromone Records 2015

PAISLEY JURA (Housebroken) Producer/Engineer/Mixer, Independent 2015

KURT SWINGHAMMER (Trudeau) Mixer, Indepenent 2015

THE CURATORS (TBE) Mixer, Independent 2015

JUSTIN STEPHENSON (The Complete Works) FILM Mixer, Independent 2015

LUKE NICHOLSON (Frantic City) Co-Mixer Independent 2015

MONKEY FIGHTIN SNAKES (Finish What You Star) Producer/Engineer/ Mixer, Independent 2015

SUZANNE NUTTALL (Trophy Wife) Producer/Engineer/Mixer Independent 2014

THE PRINCE BROS (Artificial Heart/ Everytime I Turn) Mixer, Independent 2014

BIDINI BAND (The Motherland) Mixer Pheromone 2014

DIGGING ROOTS (For the Light) Mixer Digging Roots 2014

DAYS OF YOU (You Belong Where You Go)Producer/Engineer/Mixer, Flying Pigs 2013

ROAM (TBA) Producer/ Engineer/ Mixer, LPR 2013

KURT SWINGHAMMER (Another Another) Producer/Engineer/Mixer, Independent 2013

MICHAEL CIUFO (Perfect Gift) Producer/ Engineer/ Mixer, MCR 2013

LEMON BUCKET ORKESTRA (Lume Lume) Producer/ Engineer/ Mixer, LBO 2013

JASON PLUMB AND THE WILLING (TBA) Producer/Engineer/Mixer,Soccer Mom 2012

BIDINI BAND (In the Rock Hall) Mixer Pheromone 2012

KEVIN HEARN (Cloud Maintenance) Producer/Engineer CeleryMusic 2011

LORI CULLEN (That Certain Chartreuse) Mixer 2011

PRINCE BROTHERS (In Pairs/Winter) Mixer Independent 2010

PAISLEY JURA (Time is How You Spend Your Love) Producer /Engineer Independent 2010

THE MONKEY BUNCH (Power to the Little People) Mixer Trip-Pop Records 2010

BARENAKED LADIES-ERIN McCARLEY (Every Subway Car) Duet Producer/Engineer/Mixer EMI International 2010

BARENAKED LADIES (All In Good Time) Producer/Engineer EMI International 2010

BARENAKED LADIES (Big Bang Theory) Producer/Engineer CBS Television 2009

KEVIN HEARN (Havana Winter) Featuring LOU REED and LAURIE ANDERSON Producer/Engineer/Mixer 2009

ANVIL (Metal on Metal/666/Thumb Hang) Producer/Engineer Independent 2009

PRINCE BROTHERS (From this Place) Mixer Independent 2009

FORD PIER (Adventurism ) Engineer, Mixer, Six Shooter Records, 2009

KATE SCHUTT (The Telephone Game) Mixer Artist Share 2008

JENNIFER LFO (Songs from the Alien Beacon) Producer/Engineer/Mixer KKRec 2008

BARENAKED LADIES (Snacktime) Producer/Mixer Desperation Records 2008

SPIRIT OF THE WEST (Spirituality…) Producer/Engineer/Mixer Warner Records 2008

KOKO BONAPARTE (Album) Co-producer/Mixer Independent 2008

QUINZY (One Boys Guide to the Moon) Producer/Engineer/Mixer Independent 2008

FORD PIER (Organ Farming) Mixer Six Shooter Records 2008

KATE ROGERS BAND (Beauregard) Mixer Independent 2008

TORONTO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA (Gimqat) Sound Design/ Surround Mixer TVO/Trace Pictures 2007

SHOUT OUT OUT OUT OUT (Not Saying/Just Saying) Mixer Normals Welcome 2007

LUKE DOUCET (Foke Star) Engineer/Mixer Six Shooter Records 2007

BARENAKED LADIES (All New Review) Engineer/Mixer Desperation Records 2006

KURT SWINGHAMMER (WAV) Producer/Engineer/Mixer Independent 2006

KEVIN HEARN (Miracle Mile) Producer/Engineer Independent 2006

LUKE DOUCET (Broken Arrow) Mixer Six Shooter Records 2005

PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS (When Doves Cry) Mixer EMI 2005

MARY MARGARET O’HARA (Black Widow Film) Producer/ Engineer Black Moonlight Productions 2005

SARAH SLEEN (Black Widow Film) Producer/ Engineer Black Moonlight Productions 2005

JEFF HEALEY (Black Widow Film) Producer/ Engineer Black Moonlight Productions 2005

BARENAKED LADIES (Christmas album) Mixer Warner 2004

RHEOSTATICS (2067) Producer/ Engineer True North Records 2004

GREAT BIG SEA (Something Beautiful) Producer/ Engineer Warner 2004

SELINA MARTIN (Life Drawing…) Co Producer Independent 2004

PATRICIA O’CALLAGHAN (Naked Beauty) Producer/ Engineer Marquis Classics 2004

DAREK McGRATH (Stranger) Producer/ Engineer Independent 2004

JENNIFER FOSTER (Fit for Mars) Mixer Kanada Kid Records 2004

KEN DIRSCHL (Plan for Conquest) Mixer Independent 2004

FORD PIER (Pier-ic Victory) Producer/ Engineer Six Shooter Records 2004

JOHN MANN (Acoustic Kitty) Producer/ Engineer Nettwerk Records 2003

SLOAN (In the Mood/Fubar Soundtrack) Producer/Engineer Phantom Records 2002

KEVIN HEARN (H Wing) Co Producer Page Music 2002

MELISSA McCLELLAND (…Suburbia) Mixer Orange Records 2003

JUNETILE (Junetile) Co-producer/ Engineer Independent 2002

JOHN WOJEWODA (Woja Woja) Producer/ Engineer Independent 2002

RHEOSTATICS (…Shooting Stars) Mixer Perimeter Music 2001

CLOUT (National Arts Centre, Ottawa) Theatrical sound designer Necessary Angle Productions 2001

MARTIN TIELLI (…Poppy Salesman) Producer/ Engineer Six Shooter Records 2001

KITCHEN MUSIC (ARC) Producer/ Engineer Surface Tension Records 2001

MIKE O’NEILL (What Happens Now?) Producer/ Engineer Song Corp 2000

POCKET DWELLERS (Digital) Producer/ Engineer Perimeter Music 2000

BARENAKED LADIES (Barenaked in America) Concert surround film mixer Nettwerk Films 1999

MIA SHEARD (Reptilian) Producer/ Engineer Perimeter Music 1999

SUPERS (Who are the…) Producer/Engineer EMI Records 1998

KIM STOCKWOOD (12 Years Old) Producer/Engineer Independent 1998

SWINGHAMMER (Vostok 6) Producer/ Engineer Independent 1998

VEAL (Tilt a Whirl) Producer/ Engineer Independent 1998

SPIRIT OF THE WEST (Weights and Measures) Producer/Engineer Warner Bros 1997

KIM STOCKWOOD (You Jerk) Producer/Engineer EMI Music 1997

MIA SHEARD (With Love and Squalor) Co-producer/Engineer Missing in Action Music 1997

BARENAKED LADIES (Rock Spectacle Live) Producer/Engineer Reprise 1997

ANDY CREEGAN (andiwork) Producer/ Engineer Page Productions 1997

THE BROTHERS CREEGAN (Self titled) Producer/ Engineer Page Productions 1997

BARENAKED LADIES (Born on a Pirate Ship) Producer/Engineer Reprise 1996

KEVIN HEARN (Mothball Mint) Producer/Engineer Independent 1996

WALTONS (Cock’s Crow) Producer/Engineer Warner/WEA 1995

ASHLEY MACISAAC (Hi How Are You Today) Producer/Engineer A&M Records 1995

KAREN GAMBLE (Slow Parade) Producer/Engineer Raining Records 1994

BOURBON TABERNACLE CHOIR (Shyfolk) Producer/Engineer Yonder Records 1995

RHEOSTATICS (Introducing Happiness) Producer/Engineer Sire 1994

DIVINERS (Year of the Dog) Producer/Engineer DiviDog 1994

SPIRIT OF THE WEST (Faith Lift) Producer/Engineer Warner/WEA 1993

JANE SIBERRY (When I Was A Boy) Engineer/Remix Warner/Reprise 1993

MOTHER TONGUE (Enat) Producer/Engineer Amok Records 1993

PIG FARM (Plug) Co-Producer/Engineer Page Productions 1993

GRAVELBERRYS (Bowl of Globes) Producer/Engineer EB Records 1993

BARENAKED LADIES (Gordon) Producer/Engineer Sire/Reprise 1992

RHEOSTATICS (Whale Music) Producer/Engineer Sire/Reprise 1992

CHANGE OF HEART (Smile) Producer/Engineer Cargo Records 1992

JANE SIBERRY and k.d. lang (Calling All Angels) From the Soundtrack (Until the end of the World) Engineer/Mix, Warner Bros.1991

DOUGHBOYS (When Up Turns To Down) Producer/Engineer Restless Records 1991

SUFFER MACHINE (Suffer Machine) Engineer Independent 1991

DIVINERS (Face of the Earth) Producer/Engineer Kyha Music 1991

RHEOSTATICS (Melville) Producer/Engineer Green Sprouts Music 1991

HERETICS (Mass Hysteria) Producer/Engineer Fringe Product 1990

DOUGHBOYS (Happy Accidents) Producer/Engineer Restless/Enigma 1990

SKYDIGGERS (I’ll Give You Everything) Remix Enigma Records 1990

CHANGE OF HEART (Soapbox) Producer/Engineer Cargo Records 1990

CHALK CIRCLE (As the Crow Flies) Producer/Engineer Duke Street Records 1989

JELLYFISH BABIES (Unkind Truth) Producer/Engineer Pathetic Romantic Records 1989

PLASTERSCENE REPLICAS (Glow) Producer/Engineer Raining Records 1988

THE NEVERMEN (Monitor) Producer/Engineer Netwerk Records 1988

NOMIND (Tales of Ordinary Madness) Producer/Engineer Lone Wolf Records 1988

PIG FARM (Hold Your Nose) Remix Cargo Records

ITSA SKITSA (Itsa Skitsa) Producer/Engineer Itsa Records 1988

CHANGE OF HEART (Slow dance) Producer/Engineer Fringe Products 1987

SHUFFLE DEMONS (Streetniks) Producer/Engineer Stubby Records 1987

VITAL SINES (Big Dark Dreams) Producer/Engineer Fringe Product 1986

CHANGE OF HEART (50 ft. Up) Producer/Engineer Primitive Records 1986

FIFTH COLUMN (To Sir With Hate) Producer/Engineer Hide Records 1986

OUR SIR FRANCIS TO THE SEA Producer/Engineer Utility Grade Records 1986

MISTER TIM (Safe Sex) Producer/Engineer Utility Grade Records 1986

WHITENOISE (The Importance of Breath) Producer/Engineer B-Fish Records 1985

POLKAHOLICS (Zap the Universe) Producer/Engineer Utility Grade Records 1985

CLIVE ROBERTSON (Welfare vs Warfare) Engineer Voicespondence Records 1984

PLASTERSCENE REPLICAS (Self Titled) Remix Voicespondence Records 1984

POKLAHOLICS (Self Titled) Engineer Utility Grade Records 1983

L’TRANGER (Innocent Hands) Co-Producer Ground Zero Records 1982