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23 Aug

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In short bio by Ken Dirschl / August 23, 2009 / 0 Comments
Michael Phillip Wojewoda is a multiple Juno Award winning record producer and recording engineer.
He has produced several of the most critically and commercially successful Canadian albums, including Barenaked Ladies’ Gordon, Spirit of the West’s Faithlift, Ashley MacIsaac’s Hi™ How Are You Today? and Rheostatics’ Melville and Whale Music.
More recent work includes sessions with renowned artists such as Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Alex Lifeson and Anvil.
Wojewoda also produced and mixed the theme song for the hit show ,”The Big Bang Theory” with BNL
As a composer and musician he has performed and toured extensively throughout Canada.
With over 120+ albums to his production credit, Wojewoda continues to work with both established and breaking new artists.