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01 Jan

More recent MPW productions

In music by Michael Phillip Wojewoda / January 1, 2010 / 0 Comments

Barenaked Ladies “You Run Away”

(From the album – All In Good Time, 2010) [audio:You_Run_Away.mp3]

Barenaked Ladies “4 Seconds”

(From the album – All In Good Time, 2010) [audio:4_Seconds.mp3]

Barenaked Ladies/ Erin McCarley “Every Subway Car”

(Special Single – All In Good Time, 2010) [audio:BNL_McCarley_Subway.mp3]

Barenaked Ladies “Big Bang Theory”

(T.V. Theme – Big Bang Theory, 2009) [audio:Big Bang.mp3]

Anvil “Thumb Hang”

(From the album – This is Thirteen, 2009) [audio:Thumb Hang.mp3]

Kevin Hearn “Coma” with Lou Reed

(From the album – Havana Winter, 2009)[audio:Coma.mp3]

Kate Schutt “Fake ID”

(From the album – Telephone Game, 2009)[audio:Fake ID.mp3]

Prince Brothers “From This Place”

(From the album – From This Place, 2009)[audio:From This Place.mp3]

Jennifer LFO “Palm Trees”

(From the album – Songs from the Alien Beacon, 2009)[audio:Palm Trees.mp3]

Andrew Creeggan “Inlaws”

(From the album soon to be released, 2010)[audio:Inlaws.mp3]

01 Jan

Less recent MPW productions

In music by Michael Phillip Wojewoda / January 1, 2010 / 0 Comments

Rheostatic “Tarleks”

(From the album – 2067, 2004)[audio:Tarleks.mp3]

Rheostatic “California Dreamline”

(From the album – Whale Music, 1992)[audio:California Dreamline.mp3]

Spirit of the West “Venice is Sinking”

(From the album – Faith Lift, 1993) [audio:Venice_is_Sinking.mp3]

Barenaked Ladies “Brian Wilson”

(From the album – Rock Spectacle, 1997)[audio:Brian_Wilson.mp3]

Barenaked Ladies “If I Had $1000000”

(From the album – Gordon, 1992)[audio:Million_Dollars.mp3]

Shout Out Out Out Out “Your Shitty Record Won’t Mix Itself”

(From the album – Saying Not Saying, 2006)[audio:Your_Shitty_Record.mp3]

Jane Siberry “Calling All Angels” with k.d. Lang.

(From the album – When I Was a Boy, 1993)[audio:Calling All Angels.mp3]

Shuffle Demons “Spadina Bus”

(From the album – Streetniks, 1986)[audio:Spadina Bus.mp3]

Pocket Dwellers “Come With Us”

(From the album – Digitally Organic, 2001) [audio:Come With Us.mp3]

Pocket Dwellers “Testify”

(From the album – Digitally Organic, 2001) [audio:Testify.mp3]

Ford Pier “Sick of the Good Times”

(From the album – Adventurism, 2009) [audio:Sick Goodtimes.mp3]

Ford Pier “Cavalier”

(From the album – Adventurism, 2009) [audio:Cavalier.mp3]

Luke Doucet “Emily, Please”

(From the album – Broken, 2005) [audio:Emily_Please.mp3]

Luke Doucet “It’s Not the Liquor I Miss”

(From the album – Broken, 2005) [audio:Liquor I Miss.mp3]

Melissa McClelland “Factory”

(From the album – Stranded In Suburbia, 2003) [audio:Factory.mp3]

John Mann “American TV”

(From the album – Acoustic Kitty, 2002) [audio:American TV.mp3]

Patricia O’Callaghan “Tonight We Fly”

(From the album – Naked Beauty, 2004) [audio:Tonight We Fly.mp3]

Mother Tongue “Maray Wollelaya”

(From the album – Enat, 1993) [audio:Maray Wollelaya.mp3]

The Supers “Turn”

(From the album – Spklang, 1999) [audio:Turn.mp3]

Ashley MacIsaac “Brenda Stubbart”

(From the album – Hi How Are You Today, 1995) [audio:Brenda Stubbart.mp3]

Great Big Sea “Sally Anne”

(From the album – Something Beautiful, 2004) [audio:Sally Anne.mp3]

Hard Rock Miners “Third Person”

(From the album – Rock ‘n Roll Welfare, 1995) [audio:Third Person.mp3]

Koko Bonaparte “You Push”

(From the album – Koko Bonaparte, 2009) [audio:You Push.mp3]

Mike O’Neill “Are We Waiting”

(From the album – What Happens Now,2000) [audio:Are We Waiting.mp3]

Anvil “666”

(From the video game ROCKBAND – Re-record of 80’s classic , 2009) [audio:666_mix3.mp3]