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15 Sep

Off Road funning.

In blog by Michael Phillip Wojewoda / September 15, 2012 / 0 Comments

I know… a forest that horseback riders have to share with motorcyclist is a total drag for horse folk. I had always thought that off road riding was the epitome of human dominance over its local environment. Noisy, stinky ain’t the words for it.
I still think this is true, but once I’m tearing around that said forest on a Honda 230 dirt bike I become a giddy dominant human along with the rest of us.
So much fun!!!
I was also happy that my gammy left leg was able to take it. Pushing hard along with everyone else I was puzzled why I did not fall off the bike. All my other pals did. Actually, I should have twice. Even hurt my shoulder holding on the the handle bars as the machine lurched forward unintentionally after a soft sand berm.
Of course all this fun… is to have a bit more experience off road come time to leave for South America where it will become serious business.

Still, super fun.