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02 Aug

A question of honesty

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I was suggested to me that as a freelance business type it is prudent to show some discretion in the blog’osphere. More specifically, the question of candor and honesty in the public realm. A blog attached to my business website where I let loose with my honest introspections could negatively effect my perception in the industry…
The idea that in business it is best to create a persona and mythology of unwavering confidence and certainty.

Well, there is certainly some value in that philosophy but I can’t help but want to resist it. I tire of writing in private journals that only encourage closed systems. Somehow the public proclamations of blogging, the adding to the cloud feels like “community”.
So if these entries are revealing, so be it. Besides, Ted Simon is a bit of a hero for me and he… is a one man hen party.


It has been literally decades since anyone has been “mad” at me. Oh sure, there are domestic quarrels, fights with life partners etc, but the phenomena of a bunch of dudes really mad at me is a very odd, ancient feeling.
Anyway all of this refers to my decision to travel to South America motorcycle/solo.
What I find most interesting about this problem is how startlingly sensitive I am about it. It is almost like the intensity of a grade school playground, with it’s bully’s and dangers (as perceived through young eyes) has resurfaced after decades of adult clarity.

Shaking the tree of friendship sucks.

Yes yes, I know that this too will pass.