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17 Jun

Touch typing

In blog by Michael Phillip Wojewoda / June 17, 2012 / 0 Comments

So I lost my first bluetooth keyboard for my iphone many months ago. With that loss came the tendency not to post anything to this blog. Well… those days are over. I now have a new (ish) bluetooth keyboard and well… type I shall.
Back in 1978 I did one year of Catholic highschool before leaving that ponderous institution for the public system. I did gleen one useful skill from those nuns who would rap my knuckles with sadistic glee. They taught me how to touch type. Keep in mind that no one saw the internet coming in 78 (at least I didn’t). So at the time I thought it the most useless thing to be forced to learn. Sweet superstitious karma!
Thank you sweet fictional Jesus for that. I type much better than I can ‘long hand’.