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30 Apr

Last day of pre production in Saskatchewan

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I sitting here in the rehearsal space with Jason Plumb and the Willing. They are running through all the new songs with all the new changes. It sounds great and I am very excited about moving forward to the studio next Tuesday.
There are however a few problems. The plan has been to ship most of their gear overland with a van and driver. The driver, Xen has discovered that there are road closings on the Trans Canada because of blowing snow. This could delay our start in Toronto. This would not be a problem but for the fact that rhythm section must be back by the 11 th of May. So there is some drama.
The mood bounces between easy going and logistically concerned. Anyway, let’s light this candle, no?
I have enjoyed being here but am looking forward to getting home and starting the record proper.

Flying to Regina, time lapse

More time lapse rehearsals

Prairie musings

Jason is Buggin!

What the hell. Sappy montage

18 Apr

Listening to demos.

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Jason has sent me two different versions of the same new songs. Full band versions that were recorded at the CBC and earlier solo acoustic versions. I listen to both and interpellate a path that I think would be best. His acoustic versions are closer to the heart of the composition. The band tracks suggest what is possible. Yet I think that I want the band versions to more closely connect to his original intent. I also think that the feel needs to swing more like his solo attempts.
When I listen I react quickly with simple notes. The notes are clumsy and honest. I often find that they can be most intuitive. I try not to question my first reactions.
I think that I would like the rhythms to be built up with simple drum parts and a fair amount of arranged percussion. All kinds of timbres in the rhythm tracks. A rhythm section that is a hybrid between ‘English Settlement/Pet Sounds/Tom Waits and Tom Petty.
Then the electric guitars should be thick and simple. I like the 6 and 12 string acoustic technique Jason has created in his demo’s. I would like to follow that technique on the album as well.
Have to match the swing in Jason’s playing more with the whole band. Plus no matter how rocking the music track gets I want Jason’s vocals to be able to be very dynamic. Real quiet if need be etc.
Now, how much this first impression makes it to the final album is perhaps the most interesting part, no?

A screen shot of notes, typo’s and all.

First listen notes.

Considering laptop listens.

16 Apr

Revolution Recordings two years later.

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I remember playing squash with Joao Caravalho more than two years ago as he mentioned his plans to participate in a consortium that would build a world class recording studio in Toronto. We spoke of the systematic closing of many classic studios in the city. As had happened all over the world. There were a few traditional studio’s in the suburbs and outlying cities yet in the downtown there was only Jeremy Darby’s Canterbury Studio. Jeremy’s is a fantastic studio and he is a truly gifted engineer but his room was getting booked all the time and that was a good sign.
So I have watched this project from a distance ( Having tossed no cash into the hat myself ) and have been rooting for it’s success. Well, it looks like I will be one of the, if not the first clients in the principal tracking room.
I will try to document this record as it get’s made. I don’t know how much discipline I will have to write longer entries but when I do it will be here. Otherwise it might me a shit load of short tweets.
We’ll see.
In the mean time…

Quick and simple clips for some background to this story. I’ll check in again and film some more stuff but this is a good start.

15 Apr

I’m going to chronicle the making of a new record in a very new studio

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I will be starting a new album with the artist Jason Plumb.  He and I have made two recordings in the past.  Back then it was under the umbrella of The Waltons.  I want to post these things to social media quickly.  Sort of real time i guess.  I do find that tweets are a bit short for my verbose moods these days.  I am going to try to find a way to link to my blog for longer passages.

The project will be tracked and mixed at the new ( yet to be fully constructed) Revolution Recordings in downtown Toronto, Canada.  Our start date is May, 3rd.  We will track in the studio A on the Neve console.  As you can see there is much still left to do.

This is an image of studio B. We will likely mix on this desk.  It is much closer to completion. The SSL console is a classic 1980’s vintage.

Video clip of Joe Dunphy explaining some of the modifications and updates to the 1970’s designed Neve console.