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23 Mar

Framing it all.

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The British style grey of these last few days have me feeling a little melancholy.
A floating feeling.
Yet, also feeling grateful for winning 3 out of 5 squash games with my friend Joao. The sound of the motorbike engine as it pops and snaps after shutting it down. Choosing to practice falling on lead rope more at the climbing gym. (Falling scares me… go figure). The embrace of loved ones. The disembodied voices of phone calls with family. The challenge of planning big things. The humility of silence. Hot coffee.


05 Mar

JUNO’s and timing.

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It is wonderful to receive a JUNO nod for producing Jennifer LFO’s disc “Songs from the Alien Beacon”.  A fantastic album. The artful child of Jennifer and I.  I’m very happy for her too.  It hopefully will lift this release out of obscurity somewhat.

Strange too to have been sitting for 3 hours in the airport at Santiago, Chile.  Waiting to catch a flight no less than 2 weeks ago.  Then to find out that people I know are still stuck in Santiago adds even more meaning to the earthquake.  Strange and wondrous is the notion of timing.