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31 Dec

Zen mini cam

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I have been gathering all manner of obscure video cameras of late.  The collection includes infrared surveillance, pocket HD and  a mini wide angle camera with double sided tape, (sticks to a motorcycle helmet, etc.).  One of the things about the wide angle mini cam is that it has no viewfinder.  There is no way of knowing what the image looks like while you are shooting.  In fact you can’t even play it back because it has no screen.  The only way to know is to import it into the computer later.

I like that limitation.  It reminds me of old film camera’s.  Having to wait to see the result.  It inspires a kind of Zen photography.

It is also about the size of a wrist watch.

This clip is a minimal video for Jennifer LFO that I shot with my Zen mini cam.  Enjoy.

31 Dec

Joy in a culture of disaster

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I have been coming out to New Brunswick for several years now.  Different family functions both summer and winter.

I couldn’t help noticing how the western media paints weather as some sort of proto disaster.  Causing strife and hardship.  At least in the cities anyway.  Yet in this rural context, extreme weather strikes of childhood joy.

mpw in snow

Farm and snow

05 Dec

Lips’ solo on Thumb Hang.

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Having produced and engineered ANVIL’s mythic track, “Thumb Hang” it looks like it will end up on the re-release of “This is Thirteen”.  I don’t know if they decided to drop a track to keep it at 13 songs or add it as a 14th number?  Either way it was awesome  to work with those fella’s.

Here is a clip of LIPS’ solo ( not the the keeper but close ).


Yours truly on R.R.’s old school hardware.