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27 Sep

Blog switch over

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Hey Ya’ll.

My blog is now here at my own web site.  Very exited about blabbing on about my stuff!!!

08 Sep

74 Time Sausages

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I have completed a short film. In my studio there is an electronic music composition section. Basically a wall of analog modular synthesizers. I like to create complex patches between all the different modules. If all goes well the results create self generating patterns of sound. These patterns move and change with time based on the blueprint of patches between them, never repeating, always changing. The idea is that once the patch is running I do not intervene. The machine makes the music itself. Voltages in recursive harmony.
I found an infrared surveillance camera at a junk shop. I plugged into my Mac and recorded directly to the hard drive. At the same time I fed the audio output of the synths into the same computer. Basically I shot “live”. The challenge was to find simple elements to film in realtime. Later I explored the world of post visual effects to expand on the raw footages.
This is the result. Enjoy.


03 Sep

Building Up a Tolerance for Hurricanes

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Well, the ride with my friend Kenny was great. He on a Suzuki SV650 and I an old BMW K100. We followed a route that niagara+river+bikesI had driven in the wintertime. I remember a snow covered backdrop to an extended car audio listening session. Ended up driving for 5 hours that day. Now in early September while motorcycling the same path I was pleased at how scenic the whole day turned out. It wasn’t just the music!
Leaving Toronto along the QEW for Hamilton. Then following south on Hwy 6 to the infamous Port Dover. Bad burgers and mucho bikers, we pressed eastward along the north shore of Lake Erie. Gently twisting routes through lake front properties. Did not hit any children or dogs!
Also found a stretch of road flanked by two long cornfields. Straight and level for 3 km. So we both dialed it in a few times, back and forth. Building confidence so to speak. Seems the German motorbike purrs at autobahn speeds.
Settled down after that we made our way to Port Promenade and onward to Fort Erie. Then up along the absolutely manicured road that follow the river to Niagara Falls.
Check, wonder of the world , check, rainbow and tourists.
Finally a dash into the setting sun on the QEW heading back to Toronto.
My helmeted head and upper shoulders exposed to hurricane force winds for hours. Thinking.
Perhaps this description lacks in drama. So be it. Plotlessness feels just fine.

02 Sep

Broken Toes and Electric Tablas

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My brother John broke his toe today. A real bloody mess I’m afraid. I spent some time with him at Toronto Western Hospital. Took him to a Mexican dinner and then to his home. We spoke of endlessly complex family stuff. Always trying to sort it out he and I.
He did give me a present of an electronic tabla machine. A Riyaz Master Professional! I had been eyeing one for a decade or so but never got around to committing to purchase. The names of the patterns and beats are very intriguing Tabla+machineto my untrained eye. Ek, Rupak, Dadra, Teen, Ada, Deep Chandi (i like the sound of that.), Jhap, etc. There are many more. I like the formality of the patterns. How it is tied to Indian classical music. As a drummer I have always just played intuitively, never formally schooled. So the structure of these rhythms appeals to my other brain hemisphere.
The output has a 60 cycle hum that I will have to trace. I think sorting that out should be no problem. The unit itself is sample based. There is a separate pitch and tempo knob so it’s use of samples is complex enough to be actually useful.
I don’t intend to do anything overtly world beat with the thing. I would like to integrate it into my modular synth setups. Subvert its purpose somewhat. We shall see, no?

02 Sep

Recovering Nocturne

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IMG00160A short goodnight note. I will retire earlier than usual so as to be keen for tomorrows motorbike trip. Plans to travel to Port Dover and surrounding environs. Motorcycle therapy I believe it is called. Goodnight and I will post and describe later.


02 Sep

Day one. 21 century. Settling in.

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Face-booked and Twitted and consider the blog.
Trying to go against my painfully private nature and publish some thoughts and ideas.
I think i would like to offer my insights into analog modular synthesis. With links to music and video’s. If not instructional then certainly confusing and mysterious.
We shall see no?
Thoughts on motorcycling as well. Both the sensual act of riding and the thoughts that accompany it.
Perhaps a photo or two. We shall see.